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Inspired by ancient cultures...coming from the outer space...EXODUS is here. The most luxurious, redoubtable and impressive Odyssey Edition. 

 General features: 
  •  Black Mat high quality tuck case. Copper and Gold foil.
  •  Metallic Ink in the back design and faces.
  •  New paper stock (Vintage Paper Stock).
  •  New finish (Legendary finish).
  •  52 playing Cards +  2 Jokers Poker size.
  •  Transparent security cello.
  •  Distributed by Feel The Universe Card Co. 
Odyssey Exodus - Thumb Fan
Do you think that's all?! Exodus also comes with the most limited Odyssey variant, PRIME100. Only 100 units created.
With an improved gilded technique, Exodus PRIME100 shines thanks to the most beautiful copper foil on the edges.
  •  Limited run of 100 units. 
  •  Carefully crafted with gilded edges in Copper Foil.
  •  Totally premium seal printed with Copper Foil.
  •  Exclusive for Kickstarter Backers. They will not be available in other platforms or  shops.
Crafted with the higher quality cardboard available in a matte texture. This feature, combined with the copper and gold foil gives the most luxurious feeling and handling.
Front design - Exodus Tuck Case
Back design - Exodus Tuck Case
Lateral design - Exodus Tuck Case
The brand new back design shows a never seen before nebula in any of the previous editions. This time copper and bronze tonalities are the protagonists. 
Odyssey Exodus - Back Design
Of course, our famous diagonal strip line crossing the back design will stay forever! Exodus comes with more complex details than any existing Odyssey, but...why?
Ancient civilizations are not as simple as some people think...They are the founders of the advanced civilizations. 
Odyssey Exodus - Spread
Exodus is based on an ancient civilization similar to ours, coming from the deep space...smarter than us, with materials which physical characteristics are far away from ours... and something scarier...a higher evolution rhythm...
Details. Exodus includes a lot of minimal details in the figures. This time we tried to innovate. One step forward into the Odyssey style but trying to keep the minimal essence.
Court Cards - Exodus deck
This imposing trio won’t leave you in blank if you have been able to contemplate their majestic presence in your hand. Its inside shows the suit of the figures as if it was their big precious treasure.
Queen of Spades - Odyssey Exodus
They show pure elegance and a lot of style, with the aces standing out above the rest of cards. 
King of Hearts - Odyssey Exodus
Jack of Spades - Odyssey Exodus
The ace of Clubs, Spades, Hearts and Diamonds each of them with a unique style but not one of them is better than any other. 
Odyssey Exodus - Aces
Distant but close, this four cards are the treasure inside the deck.
Odyssey Exodus - Ace of Spades
Jokers, both are equal and subtle just perfect for you to perform your best routines as a magician.
Jokers - Exodus deck
The perfect combination between copper and gold metallic ink gives the faces a beautiful complexity.