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Odyssey Elite Edition is the most futuristic Odyssey edition. In contrast to the other decks Elite comes with a beautiful exclusive tuck case never seen before, astonishing new faces designs and beautiful aesthetic borders!

Odyssey Elite Thumb Fan

And something more…This Odyssey Elite Edition will be printed by Cartamundi

Cartamundi is the world’s number 1 company in the production and sales of cards and games offering their great products since 1765.


  • 52 playing Cards + 2 Jokers Poker size + 2 Add cards.
  • Exclusive and unique tuck box
  •  B9 True Linen Finish (The newest Cartamundi finish)
  • Paper Stock: Superlux Board 320gsm.
  • Totally personalized.
  • Transparent security cello.
  • Printed in Brusells by Cartamundi. 
  • Distributed by Feel The Universe Card Company. 

Something interesant you must know...This first Elite deck is a limited edition of only 5000 units and never will be reprinted

Make sure you grab at least one! This deck is the most unique and limited Odyssey ever produced. Don't miss this opportunity, you won't be disappointed.


Odyssey Elite will be crafted with one of the best card finishes in the current market, the new B9 True Linen Finish from Cartamundi. About the paper stock, we will use the Superlux board of 320 gsm. This paper stock and finish have been used in one of the promotional Cardistry Con 2019 and everyone was impressed of its quality.

Odyssey Elite Thumb Fan

This deck deserves the best, and that is what we want to achieve for it.


Odyssey’s Elite back design shows how minimalism and futurism can be perfectly connected. This connexion is the cause of a beautiful back design with one of the most impressive colour tonalities used ever.

Odyssey Elite Back Design

Moreover, we incorporated stylish and aesthetics borders that match perfectly with the thematic of the whole deck.

Odyssey Elite Front Spread

As every edition, we maintained our iconic diagonal stripe! However, this year comes more futuristic but keeping the elegance that every Odyssey must have.


This is one of the best parts of this deck. A UNIQUE and NEVER SEEN before built exclusively for the Odyssey Elite Edition. Diagonal opener and impressive design. Nothing more to say.

Odyssey Elite Tuck Box

Also this tuck case will be crafted with a new cardboard thicker and more resilient to keep the box in perfect conditions as long as possible.

Odyssey Elite tuck box


This time we will use the evolved suits already seen in the Nova Edition but in a special way... red turns to one of the most beautiful green tonailites and of course the pips keep our famous stellar texture. 

Odyssey Elite Aces

 Never forget the details...

Detail of the Ace of Spades


Inspired by Ci-Fi culture, the royalty comes armored and mechanized. With these designs we tried to transmit what the future will bring to us. Perfectly balanced and always, luxurious.

Odyssey Elite Courts


Equals simple but describing our phylosophy: "Feel The Universe in your hands".

Odyssey Elite Jokers