About us

Our Journey Began in 2016

At the core of every product from Feel the Universe lies a story of passion, art, and a deep reverence for the universe. Founded in 2016 by Sergio Roca, a passionate cardist and enthusiast of the cosmos' mysteries, Feel The Universe started by a simple deck of cards, Odyssey Cards (First Edition), and its production was possible thanks to hundreds of backers that supported us in Kickstarter. Now, our mission is to imbue the majesty of the universe into every product we craft.

Our Journey

Elevating Hobbies to the Next Level

At Feel the Universe, our vision extends beyond playing cards. We are dedicated to revolutionizing hobbies like Rubik's cubes, Kendamas, and more by employing high-end materials and embracing a minimal yet futuristic design ethos. Our goal is to transform everyday hobbies into experiences that are not only enjoyable but also aesthetically compelling and technologically advanced.

Elevating Hobbies

The Inspiration Behind Odyssey Cards

It all started with a dream: to elevate the art of cardistry to a new level, blending it with designs that reflect the beauty and complexity of the universe. Each deck is a piece of art, born from hours of meticulous design and an unwavering dedication to perfection.

Odyssey Cards Inspiration

Commitment to Our Community

We are more than a company; we are a family, united by our love for the curiosity. Our commitment is to continue growing with you, our community, listening to your voice, and evolving with your ideas.

Community Commitment

Looking to the Stars: Our Future

At Feel the Universe, we are always dreaming of the next great design. Our journey is far from over; each day brings new ideas and possibilities. We are excited to share our future with you.

Our Future

Connect with Us

We are always ready to start a conversation, share ideas, or simply revel in the art of any hobby. Follow us on our social media, subscribe to our newsletter, or visit our store to be part of our ongoing odyssey.

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