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Odyssey Boreal Edition is the result of a one year trying to create something different to every deck of cards in this world but maintaining the essence of Odyssey and Feel the Universe. We wanted to design what our followers deserve it, not just a simple recolor but a second edition with a substantial change.

Same as First Edition, the back of this deck shows a diagonal stripe that crosses from the corners. In this case, Boreals have a turquoise blue nebula inside his stripe and edges, instead of the famous white stripe of the First Edition. This nebula reminds to the Aurora Borealis which is an incredible light show caused by collisions between electrically charged particles released from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere and collide with gases such as oxygen and nitrogen. Something amazing right?

Back of Odysseys V1 & Boreals

The range of colours is completely different to First Edition. The Purple, pink and orange tonalities turn into some full blue tonalities. Moreover, the typical chromatic chord of intellectual qualities like intelligence, science and concentration, is blue-white, exactly like Boreal Edition.



  • General features:  
  • 52 playing Cards + 2 jokers Poker size.  
  • Magic Finish.  
  • Luxury paper stock.  
  • Totally personalized.  
  • Transparent security band.
  • Printed in Taiwan.
  • Produced by Hanson Chien Production Co.
    Odyssey Boreal Edition is crafted with one of the best paper stocks in the world, Luxury paper stock. This brand new paper is thinner and softer than the Classic paper stock used for the First Edition, and the new stock gives you more comfort and is easier to control when you perform flourishes that require some bending technics like springs, pressure fans... something very appreciated among Cardists.  
    Back and Box of Odysseys -Photo by Unique Playing Cards

    Let’s talk about the finish. The finish of the Boreal Edition will be the Magic finish as the First Edition do. Magic Finish makes cards smooth but still in excellent control. Great for cutting the deck, this finish combined with Luxury paper stock makes Boreals one of the best decks for Cardistry.


    In which we can see  impressive group of suits where the straight lines are the protagonists that make us remember this great phrase: “The simplicity is the last sophistication”

    Aces - Photo by Unique Playing Cards

    They show pure elegancy and a lot of style, with the aces standing out above the rest of cards. The ace of Clubs, Spades, Hearts and Diamonds each of them comes with a unique style but not one of them is better than any other. Distant but close, this four cards are the treasure inside the deck.

    Although if we are talking about futuristic characteristics we have to point out the jokers. All of them are equal and subtle just perfect for you to perform your best routines as a magician.
    Jokers & back - Photo by Unique Playing Cards


    Two five pointed stars in their index bring us back to those old school jokers but without abandoning the forward-looking and chromatic range in the design of the Boreals.


    This imposing and defending trio won’t leave you in blank if you have been able to contemplate their majestic presence in your hand. Its inside shows the suit of the figures as if it was their big precious treasure.

    Royalty - Photo by Unique Playing Cards


    The drawing on the box doesn’t get left behind; as it shows elegancy and minimalism with some futuristic touches which express strength and presence. It can be appreciated how the bright colours come to life in the white background without it being out of place with the design. Contrasting with the back, the white stripe converts into a stripe of colours which hides the Orion’s Nebula, this time, in blue tonalities. Just like the typography on each and every one of the writing in the box.

    Case - Photo by Unique Playing Cards

    The whole community. This well-organized and structured hierarchy has come from the deep universe to every cardist, magician and card collector.
    Uncut - Odyssey Boreal Edition