Odyssey First Edition


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Inspired by the Orion’s Nebula, the Odyssey Playing Cards will transform the way you feel magic and cardistry. Giving you a brand new idea about what is a deck of cards.

With a shocking, minimalist, elegant, flashy and unique style, this deck will evoke your feelings. It’s perfect for fanning out, displays, cuts with one or two hands, color changes and spreads on a table. Located at the Orion’s Belt, the nebula with the same name shows a wide range of lively colors and some exotic tonalities which are the result of the radiation from its own stars.

General features:

  • 52 playing Cards + 2 jokers
  • Poker size.
  • Magic Finish.
  • Classic paper stock.
  • Totally personalized.
  • Transparent security band.
  • Designed by Sergio Roca.
  • Produced by Hanson Chien Production Co.



The drawing on the box doesn’t get left behind; as it shows elegancy and minimalism with some futuristic touches which express strength and presence. It can be appreciated how the bright colors come to life in the white background without it being out of place with the design. Contrasting with the back, the white stripe converts into a stripe of colors which hides the Orion’s Nebula. Just like the typography on each and every one of the writing in the box.


Following this theme we come along an impressive group of suits where the straight lines are the protagonists that make us remember this great phrase: “The simplicity is the last sophistication”.

They show pure elegancy and a lot of style, with the aces standing out above the rest of cards. The ace of Clubs, Spades, Hearts and Diamonds each of them with a unique style but not one of them is better than any other. Distant but close, this four cards are the treasure inside the deck.


Lastly we find the Jack, the Queen and the King. Protective and magnificent figures dressed up with a cloak full of colors.

This imposing and defending trio won’t leave you in blank if you have been able to contemplate their majestic presence in your hand. Its inside shows the suit of the figures as if it was their big precious treasure.


Although if we are talking about futuristic characteristics we have to point out the jokers. All of them are equal and subtle just perfect for you to perform your best routines as a magician.

Two five pointed stars in their index bring us back to those old school jokers but without abandoning the forward-looking and chromatic range in the design of the Odyssey.